Sunday, February 22, 2009

a good weekend

***David Nields and Susan Daniels are starting a new theater company!!! FOX and FROG!
thats them alright! don't you think??

****a little grey today, in savannah ga. I've been working on the LOOP IT UP BLOG for a while today (worth a look!)

Kate left for her internship at the American Craft Council Show this morning, so I made this new Indian pea soup last night for sort of a farewell dinner. While making it I FINALLY got one of those new ideas that your mind just runs with (and thank god). It's for a new artist book which will be called Lovingkindness, a cookbook
in it will be food recipes, and also other sorts of instructions, ideas spelled out, things to make and do when such and such happens. I think that I will be a book artist becuase there is no end to that genre and I think that people want beautiful, useful things.

Diane Arbus wrote:
what's left after what one isn't is taken away is what one is.

and then my Yogi tea bag said:
the greatest art is to sit and wait and let it come.


Sharon Rose said...

I love it and want a copy!

Susan Daniels said...

Molly... I love that you put our picture in your blog! Yes, this is soooo David and me! the purple "good luck" opening day/night high tops and my ever-present sunglasses on my head.
My daughter, Chelsea, designed this logo and I think she got it just right. Maybe you can help us with "getting the word out." We still have places for the student programs, ages 8 - 11 and the teen touring group, ages 12 - 15. Know any young actors itching for a great theatre experience this summer?

Love... Susan (a.k.a. "Fox?)